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October 7, 2015 Update:

Hi all kudos to so many of you for a tremendous job at fundraising, donations and support of the new Exhibit Hall!  See the updated $ total from Kathryn below, as well as some updated information about the bricks and fundraising opportunities.  We encourage you to continue your efforts, and if you have not made a commitment, respectfully ask that you work towards that.  If you have any questions, need more information, need someone to attend a Leaders meeting to answer questions, need fundraising ideas, etc please let us know.  We will meet our goal through a combined statewide team effort!  You are amazing and we appreciate everything you do!

State 4-H Leaders Association

From: Kathryn Henning, SD State Fair Foundation Capital Campaign, 605-274-3370

Hello 4-H Division, Our new overall State Fair Foundation campaign total is $3,312,849.17, with the 4-H Division passing its halfway fundraising point with $271,132.25!!!  This 4-H Division total has more than doubled since the State Fair just a month ago!!  Congratulations on all your collaborative work throughout the state!!!  

If you have not visited the Foundation website lately, you will find a button for downloading the new red brochure - at www.sdstatefairfoundation.com.  Let any interested potential donors know!  

Congratulations to Beadle County 4-H - they have been raising funds for a few years for the campaign, and have reached $119,050 to date!  These funds will go toward their county 4-H office in the new building.  

One idea that a county 4-H group is doing is placing empty pop bottles with a cut-out coin/bill slot in convenience stores, grocery stores, etc. with a sign on them about the exhibit hall.  This is an easy activity to add to any fundraising plan because it is simple and does not take long to set up.  

Engraved bricks are coming to each county mid-October in order for you to show people in your area what the bricks will look like.  This should encourage even more buy-in from your neighbors and friends.  Talk to your county 4-H office to borrow the brick.  Attached is a photo of a brick to show people if they are wondering what they will look like.  They are Sioux Quartzite 6 inch by 9 inch paver stones

We have made some updates to the brick policies, so links to new sheets on public bricks and 4-H bricks are below.  

     4-H Division Bricks

     Bricks Info Sheet

Updates:  Now, businesses can invest in bricks, and if a donation of $3,000 is made, three bricks are provided rather than just one.    

We have been provided a tractor lease opportunity to raffle, compliments of Titan Machinery!

A Case IH Maxxum 125 Tractor with loader is available for 100 hours for the winner.

The winner will be selected December 15, and the lease will begin February 1.  

Tickets are $50 each, or 3 for $100. 

This is a great, already-set-up fundraising tool for any 4-H group, and you can raise funds very quickly!  

Some 4-H groups are raffling tickets off during 4-H Recognition night or at other activities.  

Let me know if you would like some raffle tickets, and I will get you set up!  

Attached is a sign about the raffle.  


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