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SD 4-H Director's Letter to 4-H Families - Looking Forward in 2021

2021 SD 4-H State Fair Book

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4-H Camp, TLC, Performing Arts, SDSU Livestock Judging Camp, National Trips, Ambassador Scholarships

Keep in mind, we offer the following scholarships: 
4-H Camp @ Lake Poinsett or Storm Mountain or RimRock - $25
TLC - $50
Performing Arts - $50
SDSU Livestock Judging Camp - $50
National Trips - National 4-H Shooting Sports or NAILE - $50
4-H Ambassador - $50

Here is how the scholarship program works for camps or trips.
·Step 1 – Register for the 2021 event and pay the full fees.
·Step 2 – Attend the event and have a great time!!
· Step 3 – Tell one group (4-H camp) or two groups (all other scholarship options) about the event or experience.
·Step 4 – Complete the camp assistance/scholarship application form with all signatures and submit to the SD 4-H Leaders.  Electronic signatures are acceptable, and the completed form may be scanned and emailed or mailed. You will receive your scholarship money within 2 weeks of its receipt. Applications are due by December 31, 2021.
**Click here for the camp App-CampFeeAssistance.pdf
**Click here for the National Trip form App-NationalTripScholarship.pdf


Here are the details on the 4-H Ambassador Scholarship 

The SD 4-H Leaders offer a scholarship assistance program to provide a $50 scholarship to assist with travel and clothing expenses for 4-H Ambassadors.
Here’s how it works:

*Step 1 – You were chosen as a 4-H Ambassador!

*Step 2 – Tell 2 groups about your Ambassador role and plans. You may choose to tell your 4-H Club, your FFA chapter, a class at school, etc. Spread the word about this great opportunity!

*Step 3 – Complete the application with all signatures and submit to the SD 4-H Leaders. You will receive your scholarship money within 2 weeks of its receipt. Applications are due by December 31, 2021.

Mini Grants Available! 

Mini grant applications are due December 31st. They must be received via email or postmarked by 12/31/21. Late applications will not be considered.

http://southdakota4hleaders.com/doc/App-MiniGrant2022.pdf or


The grant amount available per county is $400. Counties may choose to do projects together – 2 counties can apply for $800 for a combined project – 3 counties can apply for $1200 for a combined project. The max amount available for a single project is $1200.

Note: Many of you received a mini grant in 2020 and were not able to complete the planned program due to COVID so you were allowed to carry this program into the 2020-21 year. If you received a mini grant in 2020 or 2021 and have not completed the program and submitted your final report, you are not eligible to apply for a 2022 mini grant. You must complete the program and submit a final report before you can apply again.

What is a Mini Grant?  Each year, the South Dakota 4-H Leaders Association awards Mini-Grants across the state to county or 4-H club projects. The purpose of the 4-H Grants Program is to address youth needs at the local level. The 4-H Leaders Association recognizes that the greatest impact of 4-H occurs at the local level, usually between youth and 4-H volunteers.

Criteria for awarding funds include:

* Potential for youth involvement in the planning and implementation of the project.

* Potential impact on addressing youth issues at a local level through either a traditional or nontraditional setting.
* Potential for increasing life skill outcomes for youth.

* Potential for reaching expanded youth audiences e.g. at-risk low income, single parent families, other cultures, disabled, etc.
* Potential for transitioning new youth audiences into more “traditional” or ongoing 4-H programs.

Grants funds can be used to purchase educational materials and supplies, expenses/honorariums for speakers, travel and training. Generally, snacks for refreshments, give-away items, e.g. t-shirts, etc. and building rental are not approved expenditures. Monies can’t be used for capital equipment or hardware (defined as items and material with a life expectancy of greater than five years) or building drives.

Here is the list from 2021 - Mini Grants Winners Announced!

  We chose 12 projects for a total or $3200 in grants.  

  • BonHomme County - Goat Learning Lab
  • Codington County - 4-H Project at Home Kits
  • Corson County - Youth Gardening Workshop
  • Day County - Photography 101 Workshop and Teaching Kids to Fish Workshop
  • Douglas County - Self Defense Class
  • Edmunds-McPherson County - Safety Camp
  • Hanson County - Soil to Storage
  • Lawrence County - Teen Youth Mental Health First Aid
  • Marshall County - Pillowcase Project
  • Meade County - Community & 4-H Garden
  • Union County - Elk Point Gardening Activities

T-shirts, Hoodies, 1/4 Zips, Jackets, Hats, Jewelry and More Available:

We are very excited to roll out new logos and apparel in 2021!!  Congratulations to our two winners of the t-shirt logo contest!  Noah Fink with “Faith, Friends, 4-H” and Angela Munsen with “Home”.  The SD 4-H Leaders sell apparel and jewelry year-round.  Check out all the options here.  Just place your order at least two weeks ahead of when you need the shirts. 

Logo "1902"Logo "Home"
By Angela Munsen
Logo "Faith"
By Noah Fink

Logo "ShowTime"Logo "Life is Better"Logo "Flag"
Badger 2174 (Black/Gray)JAmerica Dark Smoke Hoodie



More hat examples to be uploaded


Choose green, black or teal
Pick your logo


Black Hills Gold/Silver 4-H Pendants & Tie Tacks for Sale

These Black Hills Gold/Silver 4-H pendants and tie-tacks sell exclusively from the SD Association of Extension 4-H Professionals. Funds acquired through these sales help offset costs when our SD 4-H advisors/staff go to national meetings and obtain professional development. On the form, the pin is a tie tack and a pendant is a necklace.  Buy for yourself or give as a gift!  Here is the order form:  Black_Hills_Gold__Silver_Order_Form_Fillable.pdf.


Project launched to help youth:  
Listen, Learn, Lead


Danika Gordon, who is a ten-year Butte-Lawrence County 4-H member, has created a new leadership project as part of her role as a current state 4-H ambassador. Gordon has established a website titled Listen, Learn, Lead – or L3 for short. For 2019, she has posted four TEDTalks for youth to listen to on the site at https://listenlearnlead4h.weebly.com/. Discussion questions developed by Gordon are also listed with each of the talks to prompt reflection either as an individual or group setting. Gordon suggests youth might gather to watch the TED Talks during a 4-H club, 4-H junior leaders or FFA chapter meeting, or simply during free time or as a family. She says the project was designed to be similar to a book club. After watching the TED Talk, youth can have a short discussion with others about what they learned or agreed with – or maybe disagreed with – from the presentation. The topics Gordon selected for this year’s TED Talks highlight introverts, body language, views on leadership and thoughts on what helps people be successful in school and life. Gordon hopes to select four new TED Talk presentations annually to continue fostering learning and leadership among South Dakota youth. Youth who watch the TED Talks and then post a comment on the L3 Facebook page, will also be entered into a drawing for an Amazon gift card. To learn more check out: https://listenlearnlead4h.weebly.com

Quick Links

4-H Shooting Sports rules:  https://extension.sdstate.edu/south-dakota-4-h/competitions-state-fair
State 4-H Rodeo Resources:  https://extension.sdstate.edu/south-dakota-4-h/competitions-state-fair
4-H Event Deadlines:  https://extension.sdstate.edu/south-dakota-4-h/4h-event-deadlines
Camps & Conferences:  https://extension.sdstate.edu/south-dakota-4-h/camps-conferences 

Judging 4-H Cookies & Bars

Here is ta training video from SD 4-H Leaders.
Link to the video
Link to a document with more information that could be printed for reference http://www.southdakota4hleaders.com/Judging/JudgingCookies.pdf
We hope that this video will be a good resource for judges, as well as for our families preparing the exhibits.


SD 4-H is on Facebook!!

Click here to find SD 4-H on Facebook and find the latest information revolving around 4-H activities in SD.

here to find SD 4-H Leaders Association on Facebook!

Rural Youth Loan Program

Here is information about the Rural Youth Loan Program available to 4-H members. The U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Farm Service Agency (FSA) makes operating loans of up to $5,000 to eligible individual rural youths age 10 through 20 to finance income-producing, agriculture-related projects. The project must be of modest size, educational, and initiated, developed and carried out by rural youths participating in 4-H clubs, FFA, or a similar organization. For more information, leaders should contact their local FSA Office or visit http://www.fsa.usda.gov.

A one page fact sheet is available at: http://www.fsa.usda.gov/Internet/FSA_File/loanyouth.pdf.

Farm Credit has a similar program available for youth loans! You will find information on their website http://www.myaglender.com/youth-loans_5152_ct.aspx


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