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Updated March 2018
District Counties in District Board Member Alternate
N1 McPherson, Edmunds, Brown
Marshall, Day
Amy Fischer (2nd term)
Past President
Kari Feldhaus
  43493 148th St 
    Webster SD  57274 
    pamperedpaws@itctel.com feldhaus@venturecomm.net
  Term Expires:  Spring 2018
Term extended 1 year as past president
Day County  Marshall County
N2 Beadle, Hand, Spink Paula Hamilton (term expired) Stephanie Schentzel
    27989 191st St
Hitchcock SD  57348
415 W Main St
PO Box 96
    Northville SD  
    605-266-2143 (home)
605-350-8031 (mobile)
605-887-3174 (home)
605-380-8248 (mobile)
    hamilton@venturecomm.net weedfree@nvc.net
  Term Expires:  Spring 2016 Beadle County
N3 Roberts, Grant, Hamlin
Codington, Deuel, Clark
Susan Karels (1st term)

15237 487th Ave
Big Stone City SD  57216
605-862-8676 (home)
605-237-0955 (mobile)
  Term Expires:  Spring 2020 Grant County
N4 Potter, Faulk, Sully Cindy Jager (2nd term)  
  Hyde, Hughes, Stanley 32646 SD Hwy 20  
    Tolstoy SD  57475
605-442-2418 (home)
605-769-0114 (mobile)
  Term Expires: Spring 2019 Potter County
S1 Minnehaha, Turner, Lincoln Jackie McMartin (1st term)
    105 S Easter Ave
    Hartford SD  57033
    605-553-3331 (mobile)
  Term Expires:  Spring 2021 Turner County
S2 Clay, Union, Yankton Paula Marshall (2nd term)  Janelle O'Connor
    P.O. Box 52  
    Gayville, SD 57031  
    605-267-2887 (home)  
    mrsmarshwork@yahoo.com  jmoconnor57001@yahoo.com
  Term Expires: Spring 2019 Yankton County
 Union County
S3 Kingsbury, Brookings, Miner Vicki Vining (1st term)  Karen Lambert
  Lake, Moody, McCook  PO Box 276
     Artesian SD  57314
  vinson@santel.net  kalmbt@santel.net
  Term Expires:  Spring 2020
Miner County  Miner County

Charles Mix, Douglas
Hutchinson, Bon Homme
Ben Kotalik (2nd term)
Vice President
Term Expires:  Spring 2021

Bon Homme County
S5 Buffalo, Jerauld, Sanborn Sharon Jarding (2nd Term)  Sara Jorgensen
  Brule, Aurora, Davison, Hanson 42251 257th St  25197 398th Ave
    Alexandria SD  57311  Mitchell SD  57301
    605-239-4777 (home)
605-999-3869 (mobile) 
    jdfarm@triotel.net  jsjorgensen@santel.net
  Term Expires:  Spring 2020 Hanson County  Davison County
W1 Bennett, Custer, Fall River, Haakon Laurie Woodward (2nd term)
  Jackson, Pennington, Shannon
605-673-2818 (home)
605-673-7854 (mobile)
  Term Expires:  Spring 2021 Custer County
W2 Butte, Harding, Lawrence Mary Ellen Cammack (2nd term)  
  Meade, Perkins 14720 Home Place  
    Sturgis SD  57786  
    605-347-4197 (home)
605-347-7976 (mobile)
  Term Expires:  Spring 2019 Meade County  
W3 Jones, Lyman, Mellette Dawn Covey (2nd term)
Donna Kubik
  Todd, Tripp, Gregory 26063 319th Ave  
    Hamill, SD 57534 Hamill, SD  57534
    605-842-3250 (home)
    605-840-1334 (mobile)  

  Term Expires: Spring 2020 Tripp County  Tripp County


Corson, Campbell, Walworth
  Ziebach, Dewey

  Term Expires: Spring 2021
STATE DUES Mail to:    
  Paula Linke, Executive Secretary  
  39833 233rd St  
  Woonsocket SD  57385  
  605-796-4558 (home)
605-350-2813 (mobile)
Leader Dues: $3.00/leader before December 31 of current year  
  $4.00/leader after December 31 of current year  
  Include Leader name, mailing address, email address, and years of service  
Association Board Terms per Constitution:
District Term Ending Next Election Next Cycle
N1, S1, W1, W4, S4 All terms end on same year  Spring 2018 Spring 2018  2018-2020
N2, S2, W2, N4 All terms end on same year  Spring 2019 Spring 2019  2019-2021
N3, S3, W3, S5 All terms end on same year  Spring 2020 Spring 2020  2020-2022

Our Purpose!


1. To serve as the official, non-profit organization for the 4-H leaders of South Dakota.

2. To establish and promote a mutually helpful exchange of information on 4-H educational programs.

3. To help in enlarging the field of 4-H.

4. To cooperate with the SDSU Extension in sponsoring, promoting, and conducting educational programs and projects to meet the needs and interests of youth in South Dakota.

 5. To work in cooperation with SDSU Extension personnel to ensure that 4-H events & activities have adequate leadership and support.

 6. To encourage a uniform high standard of excellence in 4-H educational programs and events.

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