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Mini Grants

Mini Grants Available! 

Mini grant applications are due December 31st. They must be received via email or postmarked by 12/31/21. Late applications will not be considered. or

The grant amount available per county is $400. Counties may choose to do projects together – 2 counties can apply for $800 for a combined project – 3 counties can apply for $1200 for a combined project. The max amount available for a single project is $1200.

Note: Many of you received a mini grant in 2020 and were not able to complete the planned program due to COVID so you were allowed to carry this program into the 2020-21 year. If you received a mini grant in 2020 or 2021 and have not completed the program and submitted your final report, you are not eligible to apply for a 2022 mini grant. You must complete the program and submit a final report before you can apply again.

What is a Mini Grant?  Each year, the South Dakota 4-H Leaders Association awards Mini-Grants across the state to county or 4-H club projects. The purpose of the 4-H Grants Program is to address youth needs at the local level. The 4-H Leaders Association recognizes that the greatest impact of 4-H occurs at the local level, usually between youth and 4-H volunteers.

Criteria for awarding funds include:

* Potential for youth involvement in the planning and implementation of the project.
* Potential impact on addressing youth issues at a local level through either a traditional or nontraditional setting.
* Potential for increasing life skill outcomes for youth.

* Potential for reaching expanded youth audiences e.g. at-risk low income, single parent families, other cultures, disabled, etc.
* Potential for transitioning new youth audiences into more “traditional” or ongoing 4-H programs.

Grants funds can be used to purchase educational materials and supplies, expenses/honorariums for speakers, travel and training. Generally, snacks for refreshments, give-away items, e.g. t-shirts, etc. and building rental are not approved expenditures. Monies can’t be used for capital equipment or hardware (defined as items and material with a life expectancy of greater than five years) or building drives.

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